63-year-old actor trying to reach 22-year-old actress Srileela..! What a pity, sir..?

Actor Mahesh Babu, who is best known as a popular star hero in Telugu films, has acted opposite him in Guntur Karam, actress Sri Leela.

Especially the dance of Sri Leela, who danced like fire to the song “Kurchi Madathapatti” which was featured in the film, captivated the hearts of the entire Indian cinema fans.

Actress Sri Leela:

Who is this actress? Sri Leela’s Gurchi Matathapatti Dance has gained immense popularity.

Shri Leela’s dramatic dance has attracted a large number of fans and Srivila has millions of fans.

With this song, Sri Leela’s market reached a huge peak and subsequent film opportunities started pouring in for her.

Sri Leela was born and brought up in Bangalore and currently resides in the US. Currently living in America with a Telugu speaking family.

Srilila is currently being seen as an actress who has captivated the hearts of all the fans due to her good looks, dynamic facial features, and cute acting.

He is very interested in Bharatanatyam at an early age and is seen as a trained artist.

actress sri leela2

The fact that Srilila, who is only 22 years old, is adopting and nurturing two disabled children is seen as a matter of great praise.

Introduction to Film Industry:

Srileela, who has acted in Kannada and Telugu language films, first made her acting debut in the 2019 Kannada language film ‘Kiss’.

She won the South Indian International Film Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film. From the first movie she became hugely famous for her good looks, charming beauty, ollie belle beauty, cute acting, expression queen etc.

Sri Leela got successive film opportunities and acted in many hit films in Telugu.

Through this, she was seen as a popular young actress in Telugu cinema. After that, it was Guntur Karam starring Mahesh Babu that made the world famous till now.

“Gundur Karam” which has gained world fame

Srileela’s performance in that movie is seen as captivating the hearts of all the fans.
In this case, the current information is that Balakrishna, who is a former actor in Telugu cinema, is acting as his daughter, Kamit, in the movie “Bhagavanth Kesari”.

Balakrishna Steela, the actor who spoke at the function of the film, is only 22 years old. She has acted as my daughter in this movie. But he used to call me Mama Mama only at the shooting spot.


I really like Srileela. He said that he would like to act together with Sri Lanka in the next film.

Balakrishna’s ultimate desire:

Balakrishna has been criticized by many for openly expressing his desire to pair up with the actress who played his daughter.

Knowing this, Tamil fans are criticizing Telugu actors as the worst human beings.

actor balakrishna 1

Earlier Vijay Sethupathi acted as his daughter in Telugu movie “Uppanna”. Keerthy Chetty acted.

After that, Vijay Sethupathi had said that I will not act with Keerthy Chetty. It was seen as a highly commendable thing to say that I did not want to act as a couple with him because I had acted as his daughter.

Tamil cinema fans are attacking Telugu cinema saying that this is the difference between us and you.

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