Cast him in this film… Mani Ratnam who recommended the actress?


Mani Ratnam: Director Mani Ratnam only gives a chance to a few specific actresses in all his films. That’s how Mani Ratnam has given Sujitha an opportunity to act in all 3 of his films, who has become popular with the character of Thanam in Pandyan Stores serial.

In particular, he has given actress Sujitha a chance to play an important role in Mani Ratnam’s films such as Roja and Bombay. Apart from this, Mani Ratnam asked to give Sujitha a chance to play the heroine in another director’s film.


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That director is none other than director Bharathiraja. Director Bharti Raja directed the film Taj Mahal with his son Manoj Bhagyaraj. The crew was thinking about who to cast opposite him in this movie. Sujitha was a good actress and Mani Ratnam suggested that she would be perfect for this role.


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But, at that time actress Sujitha was still studying in school. Hence, he could not act in that film. However, when he received a call from Bharathiraja’s office to act in Taj Mahal because of Mani Ratnam’s recommendation, he refused to act. In a recent interview, Sujitha said that it was the biggest thing for me to get such a call.

Actress Sujitha, who has been acting in films since her childhood, is currently participating as a cook in Cook with Komali Season 5. Similarly, it is noteworthy that he is committed to playing important roles in some films.

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