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Let it go if you see it What is thisChennai: As the results of the parliamentary elections have been released, Sasikala has made a furious comment about it. Sasikala has said that the defeat of AIADMK is causing great pain and said that she cannot bear it anymore.

The statement issued by Sasikala said: Dear volunteers, don’t panic. The time to come is ours. The victory of the DMK in the recent parliamentary elections is the most painful period for Tamil Nadu.

It is now clear that DMK and its allied parliamentarians who have already wasted five years without any benefit to the people of Tamil Nadu, will not benefit the people of Tamil Nadu in the future. This can be considered as a victory for the DMK to deceive the people of Tamil Nadu by making false promises. Also, DMK has taken advantage of the divisions in our movement and won this victory like “Uru Rendu Pattal, Koothadiku Celebration”.

I have been patient all this time with the sole thought that this movement, nurtured by the leader of the revolution and the leader of the revolution, should never fail. I tried hard to unify the party. But, some people’s personal preference. I can no longer watch the movement perish because of haters. What does it mean that AIADMK is losing deposits in 7 places like never before? This is why the two great leaders worked tirelessly for the progress of this movement till their last breath. This is a huge betrayal to them. I cannot tolerate this.

All those who have a genuine desire to progress the people of Tamil Nadu come. A bright future awaits us. Our goal is to bring back Amma’s rule in Tamil Nadu. No one can stop the party from winning the upcoming 2026 Tamil Nadu assembly elections. We are forced to start the work immediately. Everyone should come and work together in unity for the benefit of the party and the people of Tamil Nadu. Sasikala said in her statement that “Jayalalitha House” warmly welcomes you all.

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