Loyds Adam Leppy presents the Amparai Dikawabi Posan Annadanam

The Bosan Valayam of Amparai Digawabi Rajamaha Viharai started yesterday (21st) on Bosan Poornami day.

It is a special feature here that Loyts Adam Leppi, a Muslim businessman and chief organizer of the United National Party in Pothu, has sponsored the Posan Annadana event at Dikawapi Vihara on its second day today (22).

This is the third time he is hosting this event for the devotees at his own expense.

In this regard, Venerable Mahaoya Sobitha Thera of Dikavabi Rajamaha Viharai thanked him on behalf of the devotees.

It is noteworthy that Adam Lepp also participated in the religious event that took place on the first day yesterday (21).

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