Modi sworn in as Prime Minister for the 3rd time!

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Narendra Modi was recently sworn in as the country’s 3rd Prime Minister

In the recently concluded parliamentary elections, the BJP alliance won the government for the third time. In the last two elections, the BJP had formed the government with a single majority, but this time, the BJP did not get its own majority. BJP has won only 240 out of 543 constituencies. However, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance won 293 seats and returned to power. The parties in the BJP alliance have expressed their support for Modi to take office again as the Prime Minister.

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In this situation, Modi was sworn in for the third time tonight. The swearing-in ceremony was held today at 7.15 pm at the President’s House in Delhi. Modi was re-instated as Prime Minister at this ceremony. President Draupadi Murmu administered oath of office and secrecy to Modi.

After this, the Union Ministers were also sworn in. Various foreign leaders and party leaders in the National Democratic Alliance will also participate in the swearing-in ceremony. It is noteworthy that Modi will be sworn in as the Prime Minister for the third consecutive term after Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Film celebrities, political leaders, Ambani, Shah Rukh Khan, Rajinikanth and others participated in the event.

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