No more road tax for hybrid cars.. UP government showing action.. Will it be announced in Tamil Nadu too?

The Uttar Pradesh Government has issued an action notification:

In this case, the government of Uttar Pradesh, one of the states in India, has announced a new offer for hybrid vehicles. It means that from now on hybrid vehicles registered in Uttar Pradesh will be completely free of road tax. Hybrid means strong hybrid and plug-in hybrid models only.

How Much is Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh?

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, vehicles sold below Rs 6 lakh are subject to 3% road tax. Vehicles priced between Rs 6 lakh and Rs 10 lakh are subject to 6% road tax and vehicles priced between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 20 lakh are subject to 8% road tax.

Similarly, vehicles sold at a price of more than Rs.20 lakh will have to pay 9% road tax

Who will benefit from this notification of Uttar Pradesh Government?

The Uttar Pradesh government’s announcement of no road tax on hybrid vehicles will benefit Maruti and Toyota companies the most. Because only those companies are selling more strong hybrid cars in India. Apart from these, Honda is also selling only one strong hybrid car in India.

How much discount is expected?

With this new announcement, the prices of Toyota Urban Cruiser Highrider Hybrid, Innova Highcross Hybrid, Maruti Grand Vitara Hybrid, Maruti Invicto Hybrid and Honda City Hybrid are going to be reduced.

The price of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Highrider has been reduced by Rs 1.67 lakh and will now be priced between Rs 18.37 lakh and Rs 22.25 lakh (Uttar Pradesh only).

With this announcement by the UP government, the biggest price cut is for the Innova Hicross hybrid model. The price of the Innova Hicross Hybrid is about to come down to around Rs 3.11 lakh. Henceforth, the model will be sold at ex-showroom prices ranging from Rs 28.93 lakh to Rs 34.26 lakh.

The price of the Maruti Grand Vitara will drop by Rs 1.98 lakh and the price of the Maruti Invicto will drop by Rs 2.88 lakh. The price of the Honda City Hybrid will be reduced by Rs 2 lakh to Rs 22.31 lakh to Rs 22.40 lakh.

Will Tamil Nadu also follow?

Automakers hope to create an alternative to electric vehicles by implementing a tax or rebate on hybrid cars. Following this move by the Uttar Pradesh government, various states in India are expected to offer a certain amount of concession to hybrid vehicles. It remains to be seen whether Tamil Nadu will follow suit.