Now you can fly in a helicopter to the neighboring town…Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Seminar!

If the people of Tamil Nadu need to go from one place to another, they can go through various modes of transport such as car, bus, train and plane.

helicopter service

Helicopter service

In this case, how would it be if there was a helicopter service to go to the villages. Yes it is going to happen soon. The Government of Tamil Nadu is planning to create a means of going to any part of Tamil Nadu by helicopter and issue an ordinance for the same.

Advisory meeting

Advisory meeting

Sandeep Nanduri, Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) said that this helicopter service will soon be implemented within Tamil Nadu. The first consultation meeting was held today (Thursday).

80 helipads

80 helipads

It seems that under the National Civil Aviation Policy and the Helicopter Policy of the Central Government, permission will be given to helicopter operators to use around 80 unused helipads across Tamil Nadu. Sandeep Nanduri has also said that through this project, a very fast inter-city environment will be created.


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