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Maritime Affairs Minister Douglas Devananda said that Oluville port resources will be protected and rehabilitated and used for the development of the country.

The Minister mentioned that President Ranil Wickramasinghe has worked with dedication to end the age of order prevailing in the past and to bring the people’s life to normal, therefore he will support him and work together with him in the upcoming presidential election.

Minister Douglas Devananda said this at a press conference held at the Presidential Media Center today (11).

Further comments were made by the Minister of Fisheries, Douglas Devananda.

“Discussions regarding the reconstruction and re-operation of Oluville port took place today. It was attended by Port Authority officials, mariners, industry experts, Oluville area intellectuals, and organizations representing the public.

We are making efforts to improve the port by safeguarding the interests of the local people and protecting and developing the resources there. The purpose of this discussion is to find out how the said port can be used for the betterment of the country. We need to complete the work and reach our goal quickly.

Also, President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s recent visit to India to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister of India was successful. The President also commented on the visit to the Cabinet. I believe that the President’s visit will generate income for our country and provide thousands of jobs to the youth of the country.

At the same time, India’s especially Tamil fishermen engage in transboundary fishing and use of illegal gear which destroys our marine resources. Not only that, the livelihood of our fishermen is also affected. Therefore, during his visit to India, the President discussed with the Indian side regarding the issue between Sri Lankan and Indian seafood producers.

Also Indian Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister will visit Sri Lanka. Therefore, both the countries will discuss this matter diplomatically and efforts will be made to find solutions. We are taking steps to introduce a new law related to fisheries in order to promote the interests of the fishermen and to protect the resources of the marine industry.

I would also like to mention that there has been a delay in preparing this Act in a very good manner and presenting it to the Parliament after taking the opinions of industry experts and fishermen. We are also taking steps to prepare the statutes related to the maritime industry.

Currently, not only the fishermen but also the consumers are affected by the increase in fuel prices. So we have also focused on the possibility of providing fuel subsidies to fish farmers. We are discussing this with the President. At the same time, we are paying special attention to freshwater fish farming and water management.

According to the President’s opinion that after 1985 the lands acquired by the Department of Forestry and Forestry should be given back to the concerned people, a discussion will be held soon with the heads of state and secretaries of the departmental organizations from the five districts of the North, including the Minister of Forestry, under the leadership of the Secretary of the President regarding the release of lands.

I have visited all the 15 fishing districts in Sri Lanka and am taking steps to find out the problems of the fishermen in those areas and solve them. During my visits, the people of the area have been telling me that we should elect a better leader for our country in the future. The President has taken steps to improve the normal life of the people by solving the economic crisis, scarcity of goods and queuing for essential goods in the past. Therefore, they also told me that they are ready to continue traveling with President Ranil Wickremesinghe in the upcoming presidential election,” said Douglas Devananda, Minister of Fisheries.

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