Peeling garlic is now very easy: watch this video

Garlic adds a unique flavor to most Indian dishes. It not only adds flavor to food, Strengthen the immune system of the body, It also helps prevent many diseases. But Everyday cooks know how hard it is to peel garlic. Moreover, its glue sticks to the nails and makes it difficult to peel off.

Here Chef Saransh Koila shares some super useful hacks for peeling garlic.

1. A whole clove of garlic 20 Place in microwave for seconds. Then cut into pieces from above, You can peel a lot of garlic at once. They also come out easily.

However, The downside is that, They are slightly overcooked. So you cannot use them for certain foods. But still, Saransh Koila says they can be used in most dishes.

2. Add garlic and shake in two bowls or in a cocktail shaker or large jar with a lid. This works well for large cloves of garlic. But the skins of small garlic cloves don’t peel off so easily.

Garlic peel

3. Press the knife over a whole clove of garlic. It breaks them easily. This hack is a classic method taught in all culinary colleges. This simple recipe can easily bring out garlic cloves. But, If you have to peel a lot of garlic cloves, This recipe will exhaust you, Chef Saransh Koila said In the video Mentioned.

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