Petrol and Diesel Shortage Risk In Three Districts Include Chennai : Attention motorists. Risk of shortage of petrol and diesel

Indian Oil Corporation, owned by the central government, operates in Thandaiyar Pettah, Chennai and Attipattu in Tiruvallur district. Petrol and diesel are filled in tanker trucks and sent to petrol stocks from these places.
In this context, the Association of Petroleum Tanker Truck Owners, which transports petrol and diesel, is participating in a one-day symbolic strike today in Indian Oil Company. The road leading to Indian Oil Company is in a bad condition with potholes, and due to the construction of metro rail, trucks have to travel a long distance due to alternate routes. Tanker lorry owners allege that the company does not pay for the cost of diesel.
They also complain that IOCL is acting dictatorially by canceling the contract with tanker lorry even if there is a small problem and they are being fined while taking alternative routes if they are only renting Rs 3,500. Due to this, many trucks have been parked on the road for eight months and the livelihood of the owners has been affected.
Around 300 tanker lorries were not operated today due to the strike. Due to this, trucks have been stopped at the gate of Indian Oil Company. As a result, there is a risk of shortage of petrol and diesel in Chennai, Tiruvallur and Chengalpattu districts and there is a possibility of loss of revenue to the central and state government
Tanker lorry owners have warned that the Indian Oil Company should call them immediately and negotiate, otherwise they will stage a Tamil Nadu-wide protest on the 26th. The expectation of the people is that the Indian Oil company should call the tanker truck owners and fulfill their demands.