Program in Presidential Scholarship for Colombo District

– A total of 5,000 scholarship beneficiaries

The President’s Scholarship Program’s Colombo District Scholarship Award Ceremony will be held on the 19th of June under the chairmanship of President Ranil Wickramasinghe at Alari Mallikai.

Pursuant to the mandate of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the President’s Scholarship program is being implemented to enable students who demonstrate exceptional abilities in academics and co-curricular activities with economic hardships to continue their education.

6000 students selected among G.P.E. students will be given scholarship at the rate of 6000 rupees per month for 24 months. For this, 242 scholarships will be awarded to Colombo district. Accordingly, all the scholarship recipients will be given their respective scholarships on the 19th, along with the due amount due to them.

Under the President’s Scholarship Program, about 5,000 scholarships are to be awarded in Colombo District, which provides scholarships to 100,000 school students from Grade 01 to Grade 11.

According to the list of scholarship recipients already submitted to the President’s Fund by the Zonal Education Offices, 1758 selected students from 396 schools in Colombo district are scheduled to be awarded scholarships with dues.

Information about the scholarship will be notified through phone calls and text messages to the phone numbers submitted with the application.

Further information regarding this will be published on the official (Facebook) page of the President’s Fund in a few days. However, for the scholarship recipients in Colombo District, the outstanding scholarship amount will be deposited in the bank within a few days and the respective scholarship recipients will be notified through SMS.

Parallel to this, arrangements have been made to provide scholarship at the district level in future to those selected in other districts.

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