RC book canceled if under 18 years driving. New notification of transport department.!

Rules of the Road: Union Ministry of Transport announced various new amendments to reduce road violations, environmental protection and road accidents.

From time to time, the Union Ministry of Transport introduces new rules to reduce road accidents, tighten measures to prevent traffic violations and reduce the environmental impact of vehicle use. It will be approved by the state governments and the new traffic regulations will be implemented in the respective states.

As such, the Union Ministry of Transport has announced new traffic rules to be introduced from June 1. Amendments have been made in relation to vehicle violations and environmental protection.

First, if a person below 18 years of age drives, they will be fined 25 thousand rupees and they will not be allowed to drive any vehicle till the age of 25 years and also the registration certificate (RC book) of that vehicle will be cancelled.

The fine of Rs 1000 has been increased to Rs 2000 for driving faster than the prescribed speed according to the respective road type and traffic congestion.

The Union Ministry of Transport has announced specific new traffic regulations in view of environmental protection, stricter smoke control and removal of 9 lakh government vehicles from service.

The Tamil Nadu government has not yet approved this. It is said that the regulations of the Central Transport Ministry will be implemented gradually considering the traffic restrictions in Tamil Nadu.

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