Savindri Perera of Sri Lanka in the MasterChef Australia final

Savindri Perera from Sri Lanka has also been selected for the finals of the MasterChef Australia competition in Australia.

During the final round of the competition, he served food on a banana leaf. And the way it was served left the judges in awe.

The MasterChef Australia competition is said to be special when the food is served wrapped in banana leaves with some Sri Lankan curries.

Although earlier Savindri Perera had to withdraw in one round of the tournament, the organizing committee and umpires reinstated him.

This opportunity came because the judges loved the Sri Lankan dishes prepared by him. And the judges noted that Savindri has once again entered their hearts.

The MasterChef Australia judges chose Savindri to return to the competition after tasting the delicious Sri Lankan dishes she had prepared in previous competitions.

Savindri said that he came to Adelaide, Australia at the age of 18 and knew about rural cooking in Sri Lanka, where he lived until then.

He is preparing for the next round of MasterChef Australia after quitting his job to focus on the competition.

Savindri posted on his Instagram account that he is proud to serve such Sri Lankan food on MasterChef Australia.