Tamils ​​and Muslims should work together to raise the status of Tamil

Tamil language cannot be kept alive only by the greetings of the Tamil mother who sings “Jivaka Perananam, Vazhiya Tamilmozhi, Vaziya Vaziyave” once a year. Do we, who sing the song, act with the meaning of Abpadal? If so it remains a question mark”.

The inaugural event of Tamil Language Day Competitions for Kalmunai Tamil Zone was held at Kalmunai Wesley High School. Kalmunai Zone Director of Education Ms. Sahutul Najeem Tamadurai, who was the chief guest, said the above. He further stated:

“When students are given time to prepare for the Tamil Language Day competitions, students are brought in without any effort. Teachers who teach Tamil can develop Tamil only if they carry out their work properly.

By learning Tamil as a subject in high quality, one gets an opportunity to know the beauty and glory of Tamil. However, Orusara keep students away from learning Tamil by prioritizing their subject. This situation should be changed and Tamil learning society should be formed. Only then can students develop their energy and develop as writers and speakers.

Tamil is not a Muslim language. Do not learn this language. The idea that there are other racial ideas in it’ has also been planted in the Muslim community. Such false propaganda cannot be accepted. All Tamil speakers are Tamils. Tamil is also a language belonging to Muslims. Many Muslims have become great literary figures. By abandoning such arguments and working together, Tamils ​​and Muslims can raise the excellence of Tamil”.

This was said by Kalmunai Zone Education Director MS Sahudul Najeem.

The event was presided over by Varunya Santharuban, Kalmunai Tamil Zone Director and Kalmunai Zonal Planning Deputy Education Officer.

Deputy Education Officers M. H. Riyasa, U. L. Riyal, Wesley Principal S. Kalaiyarasan, Tamil subject faculty resource person and others participated as guests.

Tamils ​​and Muslims should work together to raise the status

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