This is why I broke up with Kamal Haasan..? Gowtami Opna say this..!

Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan made his debut in the film industry as a child star and today he holds a special place for himself in the film industry to the extent that he can be called my encyclopedia.

It must be said that no matter how much actor Kamal Haasan shines in the film world, he has left the line in his personal life. That is how his life has been.

This is why I broke up with Kamala..

Kamal Haasan, who is multi-talented, was initially married to Vani Ganapathi and Rekha in his personal life and separated after differences of opinion.

It was in this situation that Gautama, who was suffering from cancer, had a relationship and lived in the same house for a long time without getting married.

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Gautami is now living alone with her daughter after she announced that she would end her relationship with Kamala Haasan considering the future of her daughter.

After this, Gautami’s comment in a recent interview saying why she is living separately from Kamal Haasan has created a stir among the fans.

Gautami Open Doc..

He is a monster in acting and a wonderful artist who has brought various types of technology to the world of Tamil cinema and has also directed some films.

In that way films like Heram and Virumandi were able to express their influence in Tamil.

Apart from acting, he has entered the field of politics and has started the Makkal Neeti Maiyak Party and has been paying attention to politics and is currently acting in the movie Indian 2.

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Actor Kamal Haasan was married to Vani Ganapathi early on. After this he divorced her and married Rekha. The two have two children, Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan.

However, he separated from her and lived as a cohabitant with Gautami. Later, as the relationship soured, he broke off his relationship with Gautami and is now living separately.

Shocked fans..

In that way, the idea of ​​why the two separated has been there for a long time among the fans. Gautami has now spoken in an interview to resolve that thought.

That being said, you don’t need to take all the responsibility when you’re in a relationship and it doesn’t work out. It should be equal to the love commitment made between the two.

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It is said to be long-lasting when it is equal, and if it is a root relationship, it is only a midpoint, unless both people exceed that midpoint by 50 percent.

But the news that what happened in my relationship is different and it has taught him a huge lesson in life has created a stir among fans and has become a talking point among fans.

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