Tight jeans can cause headaches and handbags can cause spinal cord problems… 4 fashion things that affect health

Wearing high-heels

Many women like to wear high heels to match their Morden-Western dresses.

Even the tiniest heels are fine. They wear big heels so that the heel is very high. It can be beautiful to look at. But do you know the danger lurking behind it?

Constant wearing of high heels can cause foot and back problems.

Wearing high-heels puts a lot of pressure on the ankles, knees and pelvic areas. In addition, the entire pressure is transferred to the front part of the foot only. This can lead to serious problems in the spine, knees and feet.

Tight jeans

This is the mistake many women make. Wearing jeans as if they were too tight. It can give a beautiful look if you want to see it.

But it can cause more pressure in the abdominal area. This will affect the digestive system.

Due to this, problems such as heartburn, belching and constipation will come.

Similarly, those who continuously wear tight jeans will suffer from blood flow in the body. Because of this, the nerve functions are also affected and cause severe headache and migraine problems. Medical professionals also call this as tight gene syndrome.

Hand bag

Don’t worry about health problems even wearing a handbag. It doesn’t come from wearing a handbag. The problem is to cram as much stuff as you can into it.

It is necessary to carry the things we need while going outside. But do you know what many women do wrong? Whether they need it or not, they carry everything they can get their hands on in their handbags.

Carrying this way puts a lot of stress on the shoulder, arm and neck areas.

Shoulder pain, neck pain, pressure and pain in the neck bones, pain in the spine will occur.