VCK emerged as a state party: Aadhav Arjuna who has achieved

The Liberation Tigers won the two constituencies contested in the recently concluded parliamentary elections. Subsequently, it got a separate status as a state party in Tamil Nadu. As a caste party, Patali Makkal Katsi, a family party which instigated riots and ruined the people of Vannia, has lost its state status.

In the 2019 parliamentary elections, the election results of other constituencies in Tamil Nadu were announced quickly, but only the Chidambaram constituency was facing a long delay. Thol, the leader of the party contested on behalf of the Liberation Tigers Party in the DMK alliance. Thirumavalavan. Thirumavalavan won a big election like the Lok Sabha election by a meager margin of 3200 votes.

An important lesson for the party was that Thirumavalavan, an influential Vishik leader across Tamil Nadu, won by a narrow margin. They started working to strengthen the party before the next election, to get due recognition for the party, and to naturally ensure the victory of the leader, especially in Chidambaram.

In the intervening five years, Thiruma has been the loudest voice in Parliament for the interests of Tamil and Tamil Nadu, but there have been various criticisms against him at the local level. He does not come to the side of the constituency, he does not want to focus on the problems of the constituency Criticisms like In this case, it was decided that Thirumavalavan will contest in the same Chidambaram parliamentary constituency.

While he fought and won the last election, the aforementioned Vishika-vinara had a crisis that Tiruma should overcome the criticism and win. It was at this time that Aadhav Arjuna, the deputy general secretary of the party, stepped into the fray. ‘It is my responsibility to make Annan Thiruma win by a margin of lakhs of votes He announced that a few months before the announcement of the election.

Aadhav Arjuna led election strategy firm ‘Voice of Commons’ sifted through all the information about Chidambaram and Villupuram constituencies to prepare the ground for a decisive victory. On the one hand, Thirumavalavan won a separate symbol in the DMK alliance without compromise, but after a long struggle with the Election Commission, he also won the Pani symbol. It has become their symbol of success today. The LTTE has won two Lok Sabha constituencies on its own symbol and has become a symbol of recognition as a state party.

When I spoke to some of the senior figures of Vishika about the reason for all this, they said, ‘8 months before the start of the elections. Chennai A meeting of polling agents was held in a grand venue like the YMCA. Visika-vil had never seen such a crowd before. To that extent it was conducted grandly as an example for big parties like DMK. Later, it was revealed that the cause of all this was Aadhav Arjuna, who was active in the party. It was coordinated by his ‘Voice of Commons’ group said.

While the meeting held for a few North District Polling Agents looked like a convention, the ‘Vellum Sanayagam’ to be held in Trichy Everyone was curious about how the conference was going to be. The conference went smoothly. The date was changed twice due to floods in Chennai and Nellie and later on Republic Day with the reason date. From the grandeur of the platform to the convention pavilion, it outshone the national parties and silenced the coalition parties. Lakhs of volunteers gathered and cheered the new evolution of the party.

VCK emerged as a state party Aadhav Arjuna who has

Some senior Cheetahs informed about the innovations in this conference compared to the previous conferences, ‘In the previous conferences, the party executives would organize events separately. Although there was a conference committee, something was lacking in their coordination. But this time it was all done by Aadhav Arjuna. His team directed every move from the preparations for the conference. That structured group engagement is what makes this conference so special. This is why President Thirumavalavane said that ‘Voice of Commons’ group has led such a grand conference. Aadhav honored Arjuna on stage in the conference itself said.

Speaking to another executive who was involved in election work in Chidambaram, he said, ‘In the previous elections only the leader had to campaign for all the seats. But this time, the leader’s campaign was gone before he could even go to each place. The mobile scanner campaign, the campaign vehicle with the giant pot, were seen in a new way said. It is said that the reason for all this is that the ‘Voice of Commons’ group has set up a war room in Chidambaram and Villupuram constituencies. He was saying that.

Apart from these, Aadhav Arjuna goes directly to the field and shares amazingly some of the work done. ‘In an area like Chidambaram where people from different communities live, there was an atmosphere that had to attract all the people. For this, Aadhav Arjuna met many community leaders on the basis of personal friendship. In particular, he met Sridhar Vandaiyar, an influential leader among the Devar community in Chidambaram, and got support for Vishika. Aadhav Arjuna strengthened his support to the extent that Sridhar Vandaiyar coordinated the last day campaign in Chidambaram.’

Another thing is that he directly met some disaffected community people and got their support. In Chidambaram constituency, Killai village is home to a large number of people belonging to the dark community. They had a few drawbacks like the leader not visiting them. Arjuna went directly to that village. He spent a day instilling hope in the people of Killai village and creating awareness and enthusiasm about education among the children there. All this further cemented the vote bank for Vishika He spoke.

Atav Arjuna.From the first day he started working for the party till the last day of campaigning in Chidambaram, the only thing Aadhav Arjuna kept saying was ‘I will make the President win by a margin of lakhs of votes, I will make VISA a recognized state party!’

Today, according to him, Vishika has won two constituencies in the parliamentary elections under its own symbol and won recognition as a state party. It is not an exaggeration to say that the recognition given to him in the Thirumavalavan Conference was due to the contribution of Deputy General Secretary Aadhav Arjuna who brought many innovations in party activities along with the tireless work of party workers.

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