What if there was a little girl..? Meena wants it.. The secret leaked about the director who loved Adam..!

Tamil In cinema baby as a star Get introduced Now up to Popularly from will come Among the actresses actress Meena important person baby As a star 50to More In movies Actor actress Meena.

In Tamil He starring dear Rajinikanth That is Movie Very much popular Movie as can say Likewise Very small At age itself As the heroine Introduced Meena.

as a child Meena:

1984 Yes year dear Rajinikanth In the movie baby In character starring Meena Next Six in years 1991 Yes year that of Rasa in the mind In the movie As the heroine Acted. That too actor opposite Rajkran As the heroine Acted.

That of the movie Shooting can up to Raj Kiranai looking at Meena scared keep going to have been A In the interview Saying Rajkiran will be there. That to the extent small At age itself That In the movie He acted Meena.

As an actress Opportunity:

Meena Personal Acting ability who has that can say That is why continuously to him As the heroine for acting opportunities come had That too 15 At age itself Very much Important A the character take Acting Normal matter No.

This In position He Acquaintance Experience Regarding Rajkiran A In the interview has spoken in it He say time N of Rasa in the mind the movie Filming time A In the magazine I am of Meena Photo i saw

meena1 2

First Film Experience:

Its After of the film Director To King Kasturi go to This It’s a girl to the film As a heroine to be want that I said. But That Meena seen King of Musk This girl Very much small as a woman There are

This In the picture will come Oasis character A little older character As can say. As a learner can be character Total The picture too lift up to stop Character to go Since Meena For that Exactly Will there be? that thought Kasturi Raja.

But Rajkiran As a farewell Because there was That In the movie As the heroine Meena to act put. But Picture Released After of Solayamma It’s the character standing will speak As a character is located That to the extent Meena Menaket in it His Excellent Acting expressed was

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