Black sheep in the background of bootleg sales

Communist Party of India’s Tamil Nadu Lawyers’ Meeting was held today at the GKM Wedding Hall, Varayur, Trichy. State coordinator for this meeting M.A. Bharti presided. State Secretary of the Communist Party of India I. Mutharasan attended as a special guest and delivered a special speech.

Speaking on the occasion, Mutharasan, State Secretary of the Communist Party of India, Mutharasan said in Trichy on Saturday that all the efforts taken by the government regarding the issue of death of more than 50 people after drinking fake liquor in Kallakurichi are welcome and commendable.

He further informed about this; More than 50 people have died after drinking liquor in Kallakurichi. The District Collector has been transferred in this regard. The District Superintendent has been suspended. Doctors are providing excellent treatment to the victims at the government hospital. The government has provided relief to the affected families.

All the efforts taken by the government in this regard are welcome and commendable. This aside, we need to look closely at how this bootleg liquor is being sold. For the past 15 years, this fake liquor has been selling near Kallakurichi Police Station and Court.

From Kalvarayanmalai and Puducherry, Kallakurichi received counterfeit liquor and the necessary materials for its manufacture. It is surprising how this was not known to the police and the liquor department. The police department has a huge income from bootlegging.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is adamant that there should be no fake liquor. But beyond all this, there are black sheep in the Police Department, Revenue Department and Prohibition Enforcement Division. They have formed an alliance with bootlegger and bootlegger.

This cannot happen without the support of local government departments. They should also be included in this case. Only if action is taken against them will there be a fear. Such incident will not happen in future. People are being corrupted by alcohol.

The government should create strict awareness among the people about alcohol. Political parties should also create awareness among people. For four generations, 700 families were engaged in tea picking in Mancholai, Tirunelveli district. The process of eviction of Manjolai workers is underway as their leases expire.

In the cases filed in the Supreme Court and the Madurai branch of the High Court, it has been ordered that the mancholai workers should not be evicted. The state government should take over the Manjolai estate or make alternative arrangements. The Union Education Minister, who swore that there was no mistake in the NEET exam, has now admitted that there was a mistake.

In Tamil Nadu NEET should be exempted. Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code and Evidence Act should be suspended. They should be properly discussed and passed in the new parliament,” he said.