Build this is my last film.. Mass actor who forgot the chicken on his skull..!

Film crews are doing many things to make movies successful in cinema. For some films, they create a hoax and make the film a success.

A few more movies can be seen in court cases related to the movie. It will be a person from the film crew who will file the case. Because if a case is filed in relation to a film, that film will immediately become a bit of a hit.

After that, the film can be easily publicized. In this situation, a mass actor has made a big plan to publicize his film in a negative way.

Hero’s Plan:

But in the end that plan ended in failure. The last three films of this famous mass actor were big hits. In this situation, this mass actor decided to make his next film a hit among the fans.

The actor had already signed up with a production company and then walked away from it due to problems with the company. At this stage, he is currently working as a committee member in a film.

As three films have already failed, if this film also fails, will he get a film opportunity after that? It is doubtful that this film is the film that will decide his film career.

Protagonist’s Announcement:

At this stage, the actor is announcing that this is his last film to make this film run. And it is said that he has some other plans after this movie.

Build this is my last film.. Mass actor who forgot the chicken on his skull..!-oneindia news

At present there are problems in those projects as well and the protagonist is in a position to make this movie a hit. But the Kannada production company that has committed his next film has openly announced that he is going to do his next film with us without knowing anything about this.

Fans are confused now that he himself has announced that his film is his last film.

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