Do you know Kailash Nadu address? Take note! The information said by Nityananda!

Do you know Kailash Nadu address Take note The information

Various cases against controversial preacher Nithyananda are pending in several states. There is no real information about his whereabouts as the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka police are searching for him. But regularly videos of his speeches are uploaded on the YouTube page

Nityananda declared that he had created a nation called Kailasa for himself and his followers. A separate country called Kailasa is said to exist on a small island near Ecuador. He named the country as ‘United States of Kailash’. Alapara asked for permission from the United Nations to recognize it as a separate country. But Nithyananda’s attempt at the UN did not work.

A website has also been created for e-citizenship in Kailasa.

Even though Nityananda is a wanted criminal for sexual complaints and human trafficking, there is still a crowd of devotees who see him as a god. A video of Nityananda with his devotees of Kailasa is released from time to time.

Although Nithyananda’s whereabouts are unknown, he is constantly being used by netizens in memes and troll videos. Netizens will post statuses from time to time, saying that no matter how many crises come, you should be as fun as Nithyananda and that’s why you should visit Kailasa next summer. But where to go without knowing where Kailasa is? Whether there really is a country called Kailasa is still a matter of doubt.

The Kailasa administration has announced that the location of the Kailasa country will be announced on July 21. Nithyananda is going to announce his whereabouts live during the celebration of Guru Poornima.

Netizens eager to go to Kailash and police ready to hang Nithyananda are eagerly waiting for July 21st.