‘Indian 2’ will be like a James Bond movie….. Cinematographer Ravivarman!

Indian 2 is the collaboration of the great director Shankar and the world hero Kamal Haasan. This film is jointly produced by Lyca and Red Giant Movies. 'Indian 2' will be like a James Bond film..... Cinematographer Ravivarman!Anirudh has composed the music for this film. Ravi Varman has overseen the cinematography. The 1996 film Indian has made a huge impact on Tamil cinema, and the expectations for the upcoming film Indian 2 are huge. At the same time, like the first part of Indian, the second part is also developed in the anti-corruption storyline. Recently the trailer of this film has been released and all its songs have been released on the internet and are trending. 'Indian 2' will be like a James Bond film..... Cinematographer Ravivarman!And this film is going to be screened worldwide on July 12th in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages. For this, the promotion work is being done very intensively in foreign countries like Malaysia and Dubai. In this case, Ravivarman, the cinematographer of this film, has talked about Indian 2 in a recent interview. He said, “Indian 2 will be like an Indian James Bond film. Each scene is presented as if it were a real event in a unique setting.”'Indian 2' will be like a James Bond movie..... Cinematographer Ravivarman!

It is worth noting that cinematographer Ravi Varman had already shot the cinematography of the film Stranger, directed by Shankar. It is also worth noting that when the Indian 2 trailer was released, many fans were commenting that its cinematography was good.

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