India’s first AI robot with human actions: Coimbatore college students make amazing invention

Indias first AI robot with human actions Coimbatore college students

Students and professors of KPR College of Engineering and Technology near Sulur, Coimbatore have created India’s first artificial intelligence (AI) robot with human capabilities.

This 6 feet tall 40 kg robot has been developed using 3D printing technology after 1600 hours of labor. Capable of performing 26 different gestures like humans, this robot can also interact with humans with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

The robot was launched by professors and students in the presence of Chairman KPR Ramasamy and ISRO Scientist Sivathanu Pillai.

Regarding this, students and professors said, “This robot with human-like actions can be used to help the public in various places such as hospitals, colleges, and shopping malls.”

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