Intoxicated actress Jyothika.. Cruelty at the airport.. Popular actor Vlasum..!

There is no need to say much about Suriya and actress Jyothika, who are currently the star couple in the Tamil film world.

Imported from Mumbai to the Tamil screen world, she has become a daughter-in-law of Tamil Nadu and has become a resident of Mumbai.

Drunk actress Jyothika..

Everyone knows very well that actor Surya is the son of actor Sivakumar. In this case, after Suriya fell in love with his co-star Jyothika, after his father gave him some problems, he overcame all of them and married Jyothika.

After this, she became the daughter-in-law of Tamil Nadu, who had not shown her head on the side of the film industry until her children were born and grew up.

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In this case, the cold war between the father-in-law and the daughter-in-law was going on inside the house after she started appearing in films after breaking the rule that she should not act after marriage.

Following this, at some point, actress Jyothika went to Mumbai for business with her husband and settled in Mumbai.

Cruelty at the airport..

In this case, actress Jyothika, who came to Chennai from Mumbai by plane, ended the press meet at the airport without going to her father-in-law’s house and left for Mumbai.

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Bailwan Ranganathan has taken this matter in his hands so that we can ask what is in them.

Did Jyotika get drunk when he said that? Everyone has been shocked by his shocking words.

The reason for this is that he came to Chennai from Mumbai for the promotion of a film in Chennai and immediately returned to Mumbai after answering the media interviews.

Famous actor Vlasum..

As I have already said, he hates Chennai. My father-in-law has spoken with the intention of not getting in the face of Sivakumar and mother-in-law.

The reason for this is that the person who came from Mumbai to Chennai Airport at a young age and answered all the questions may have arrived at Bukuntha’s house for at least half an hour but unwillingly flew to Mumbai the next second.

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Perhaps if Jyothika had not done this, then she would not have fallen into the mouth of Bailwan Ranga Nathan.

This said thing is not only becoming a trend on the internet but it has also become a talking point among the fans.

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