It was the famous actress who ruined Ramba’s life – the shocking celebrity!

Actress Ramba was a popular actress in Tamil cinema during the 80s and 90s. She acted in various language films including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Bhojpuri and earned the status of a star actress in the 90s.

There were many fans to watch her dance. There was a huge crowd of fans in the film industry to admire her thighs and her attractive beauty. Rambha, who was seen as a famous actress in a short period of time, had her own fans.

She was running away with the status of a star actress. Ramba’s life suddenly took a turn for the worse and he got married and settled down in his family life.

What is the main reason for this? So what happened? The information about who is responsible for this is currently leaking on the internet and going viral. Yes, the famous celebrity critic who is talking about this, Seiyaru Balu actress got the status of a star actress by acting in Ramba films and she got a desire to become a producer.

With that, actress Ramba started making the film “Three Roses”. In that movie. Actress Jyotika, Ramba and Laila starred in this movie and actress Ramba had borrowed a lot of money and made it. But the movie did not run as expected and suffered huge losses.

As a result, actress Ramba has become a huge debtor, unable to even pay the interest on the loan. At that time, he sold everything in the house he had bought and paid off the debt, and then he suffered a huge financial loss to the extent that he could not come back to cinema.

After that Ramba got married and settled down in married life. Later he did not turn his head towards cinema. So it is noteworthy that the main reason for the destruction of his life is the movie “Three Roses”. More information on Laila and Jyothika’s failure in the film.