One model during the day.. another model at night.. Husband’s work on honeymoon.. Shocked actress..!

This actress struggled a lot to get an opportunity in Tamil cinema without the permission of her family at home. She has been an important actress in Tamil cinema for the past few years.

This actress made her debut in the first movie by acting opposite the leading actor. After that, he started getting opportunities in many films.

Although he got few opportunities in the beginning, he later got a chance to play many roles. At this stage, this actress got caught in a romance with a famous actor in Tamil.

Grand wedding:

And there was talk on one side that their love is strong. There were widespread talks in the film industry that they are definitely going to get married.

But due to some reason this actress and that actor broke up later. After her breakup, the actress never looked back at any other actor. Murtu continued to live as a bachelor.

After a long time after this, he fell in love with another person. The actress told their love at home. As the actress is already too old, the house immediately agreed not to delay any more.

So their marriage was a success. It is said that the groom spent more than 100 crores from his house for the wedding alone. The bridegroom’s house has been the party with so much money.

Maple Great Place:

In this situation, many celebrities from the film industry gathered around and their wedding went well. After the wedding, they both went on a honeymoon together. It’s there

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This actress started facing problems.

As far as this husband is concerned, Badu will be very romantic during the day time. He supports the actress. But it is said that he behaves very rudely at night.

It is said that she is burnt out for everything she takes and this husband harasses the actress throughout the night regardless of how tired she is. The insufferable actress has come home after stopping her honeymoon midway.

In this situation, the actress has called the close people and held a panchayat regarding this. After calling the husband and giving them advice, the husband has promised that he will not behave like this again.

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