Parthiban burst into tears… This is the villain who separated the family… Famous actor Thakku…!

Parthiban is one of the most famous directors in the Tamil film industry. He worked as an assistant director to K Bhagyaraj and made his debut as a director and actor in the film Naahya Patha.

After the first film got the mass kit, he directed a few films in succession and won the National Award twice. His dialogues with Vadivelu are still popular among the people.

Sudden tears..

Uruki, Uruki has fallen in love with actress Seetha, who co-starred with the director and Parthiban in his first film. Despite the green flag of their love at Parthiban’s house, there was opposition at Sita’s house.

I was the only person in Sita’s mind when both of them got married and started a family in a very special way despite the opposition in Sita’s house.

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After this, when we had two children, I was at a loss as to what to do after Sita’s mind was invaded by someone else.

After this I divorced Sita. However, my children were the most affected by our divorce. They still understood us and acted.

This is the villain who separated the family..

Therefore, Bailwan Ranganathan has expressed his opinion that what Parthiban said is true. The reason for this is that Parthiban who separated from Sita has not married till date but Sita has not behaved like that.

Apart from being in love with a television actor, she is also leading a life of living together. After a few years, the actor complained about the disappearance of his love for him.

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So in a way, the statement made by Parthiban has been validated. Parthiban, who has lived in a rented house without owning his own house till date, has different thoughts and opinions.

The speech that attacked the famous actor..

However, after Sita became his wife, the actress he loved left her for Nas when she found that there was no place for her after thinking of someone else.

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Similarly, we cannot say anywhere that he spoke to that TV actor with whom he was in contact. Bailwan Ranganathan has created a stir on the internet by sharing things about the actor who broke up with such a good hearted Parthiban Sita.

Following this, this matter is now going viral on the internet and has become a talking point among fans.

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