PM Modi – Putin Talks in Moscow : Modi – Putin meeting… Ukraine dispute, India

A two-day tour to Russia on July 8 and 9 Prime Minister Modi He has toured. He will participate in the 22nd India-Russia Annual Conference there. Ukrainian President Zelensky had expressed his displeasure over Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Russia. That is, Russia continues to attack Ukraine. This is also reciprocated.

Russia-Ukraine War

More than 30 people were killed in a recent Russian attack on a hospital in Ukraine. In such an environment, Modi, who is the leader of the world’s largest democracy, had criticized that it was shocking to meet Putin, who is considered a war criminal.

Russia’s explanation
On the other hand, sources from the Russian side pointed out that the parts of the Ukrainian missile launched in an attempt to defeat the Russian missile scattered and fell on the hospital and caused the loss of life. It is in such an environment that the meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Russian President Putin took place today. It has already been reported that Modi will hold talks with Putin on various issues including security, fuel, fertilisers, trade and investment in this meeting.

Modi-Putin talks

Particular attention is paid to pending matters relating to war logistics. Besides that, the Russia-Ukraine war should end. A solution can be found through negotiation. We do not take any side in the war between the two countries and stand on the side of peace.

Greetings are exchanged

Prime Minister Modi has already insisted many times to bring peace. It is said that this issue will also be included in today’s talks. Prime Minister Modi has sat in power for the 3rd time after the recent Lok Sabha elections in India. Similarly, Putin won the election in Russia. The two leaders exchanged greetings.

Friendly environment

India-Russia relations have always been in a cordial environment. After the start of the war against Ukraine, India remained neutral but did not completely exclude Russia. They did not impose any economic sanctions like Western countries. So it is worth noting that Russia’s respect for Indians continues.

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