‘See this first.. Advice given by Sevak’; Ajith is a noble man: Natarajan talks

Indian cricketer Natarajan’s hometown is Salem Chinnapampatti. An appreciation function was held for Natarajan in one of the colleges here. Participated in this function Natarajan He shared various things about cricket.

Then, “I was born in a poor family that had no means of food. My home is a mud hut. I will lie down on the bed and sleep. Success is only possible in life if you work hard. Some get help right away, some get delayed. Success in life can only be achieved through hard work. I will play cricket only by listening to my brother’s advice,” he said.

Later, Dhoni from cricket and Ajith Kumar from film industry asked questions. Natarajan replied, “Ajith Kumar is a very polite person. He himself observed the celebrities at my birthday party. When I see Ajith sir, I feel that I want to move forward in life,” he said.
Speaking about Sehwag, Natarajan said, “I don’t know anything except Tamil.

It was difficult not knowing Hindi. Sehwag sir supported me a lot. IPL I got injured in cricket. Then he said that first look at the family and everything will be fine. Natarajan said that if you struggle in life, you can achieve anything.