Thai companies are more interested in investing in India

Indian Ambassador to Thailand Nagesh Singh said that big business companies of Thailand are very interested in investing in India.

ANI Ambassador Nagesh Singh mentioned above in an exclusive interview to Thailand has favorable policies and good infrastructure facilities to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). Indian companies are also making investments in Thailand using this.

Similarly, Thai companies are also investing in India. However, Thailand’s big business companies are very interested in investing in India.

In this case, the negotiations for a program to facilitate money transfer operations between the two countries have reached the final stage. After the completion of this negotiation, the results achieved by both the parties will be massive’, he said.

At the same time last February, the holy symbols of Buddha Pran were taken to Thailand and displayed in many areas of the country. About 4.2 million Thai people have visited these monuments and paid their respects. He mentioned that the diplomatic relations between the two countries have been further strengthened through the display of these symbols in Thailand and the goodwill among the people of the country has been greatly developed.

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