The desire to spread wings today.. Muthu Meena also has increasing doubts..

The desire to spread wings today.. Muthu Meena also has increasing doubts..-oneindia news

The desire to fly is serial -For today in the Wings of Desire series(June 22) Let’s see how the plot will be.

Video Call Malaysia Mama ;

Muthu and Meena are talking on the floor.. Muthu says that the parlor mother has done something and needs to find this soon.. Rohini listens and stands. Now Meena is drinking coffee for everyone. At that time, Rohini was walking on the phone.

Vijaya saw that and asked if anyone had come.. Aunty called my uncle from Dubai and said that everyone was talking to him on video call. At that time Muthu also came and he also looked and went and bought and talked to him.

Suspicion of an increasing pearl;

Then he asks for the address of where you are in Dubai and Rohini takes it and manages it. Now Muthu is going to the room and thinking, Meena is also coming there, something is going wrong.

Meena says that Netu himself told the parlor mother that his uncle saw him, he will call the next day.. Yes, I also thought that Netu would do the same, but he is not there, he is calling from Dubai, Meena says.

Muthu doesn’t have Meena, you must be looking at him.. How do you know that he is talking from Dubai? They ask if you went and saw him.. Muthu says that it is like something broad is working. Now Vidya and Rohini came to the curry shop bell and talked correctly like you said.

Rohini is saying no, you are saying that you said something more than what you said. Correct, you have done all the setup like Dubai. Immediately Vidya said, good job, I had a friend not in the studio, so I set up and talked.

Karikadai Mani’s advice to Rohini;

Now everyone at home is asking if they believe it. Rohini also says yes. But Mani advises Rohini to see if this does not last long and leaves. Vidya also says that it seems to me that the time of your change is approaching.

Rohini says Manoj will get angry if he knows this. Why did you divorce?Rohini says I won’t let that happen.This is the life that the ministry has made for me.

Will Ravi prove his love?

Now Ravi comes to the house and without knowing it, Shruti laughs and laughs at him. Hey, the pitch is the same, and the mobile dwarf is saying that. Sruthi says that Inga Baruppa has walked up to three kilometers carrying Eruttara Vib. Hearing that, Ravi says that’s fine and asks what now.

In the same way, you hang me up and make love with yourself and tell me like that. Now Meena and Muthu are coming. Muthu asks why so many voices are hitting someone on the leg. They say no to that, they say that they love you.

Immediately, Muthu and Meenava throw away Manoj and now Rohini comes. Rohini asks me what’s up.

In this way, the three people are hanging around their homes, now Annamalai and Vijaya are coming and the two people are looking at them and are standing at the door. This is the end of today’s episode.

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