“This is a victory for Thalapathy Vijay..” Check out Chief Minister Stalin’s new announcement..!

Ever since he came into politics, the expectation of Vijay among the people has been increasing. It is a deep-seated belief among the young generation that Vijay will definitely do some good for the people.

Actor Vijay has wanted to join politics for a long time. He also acted as a political speaker in many movies as he thought fit. But as he had some ideas to enter politics, he kept delaying it.

Vijay entered politics:

In this situation, Vijay publicly announced his entry into politics at the beginning of this year. And following this, he announced that he was going to retire from screen life, which was a shock to many people.

Because Thalapathy fans were enjoying his movie very much. It seems that there is no more chance for that. Although it saddens them a little, it makes them happy that the Commander-in-Chief will be a political leader.

Vijay started helping people a lot since he announced that he was entering politics. In that way, last year Vijay conducted an award ceremony at his own expense to the students who secured the highest marks in the 10th and 12th general examination.

Government Decision:

He gave awards and gifts to the students who participated in it. He also gave incentives to some students. It became something that was appreciated by all.


After that, Vijay also helped the people affected by the floods. In this situation, it is said that the Tamil Nadu government is negotiating to hold a felicitation ceremony on behalf of the government for the students who scored the highest marks in the 10th and 12th general examinations this year.

If the Tamil Nadu government did not do such a thing before this, the main reason for doing it now is because of Vijay. This success of Thalapathy has shown the vision of Vijay that the government has taken something that Thalapathy did as an example and wants to repeat it.

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