Vikravandi Election Voting! 30 minutes delay… 110 locations web cam.!

Vikravandi Election Voting!  30 minutes delay... 110 locations web cam.!-oneindia news

Alert: The by-election polling for Vikravandi assembly constituency has started at 6 am.

Villupuram District Vikravandi Assembly Constituency After the death of DMK MLA Bhujawendi, a by-election was announced there. In this by-election, Annieyur Siva on behalf of DMK, C. Anbumani on behalf of BAM, and Doctor Abhinaya on behalf of Naam Tamil Party are the main candidates. Totally 29 candidates are in the field. AIADMK has boycotted this election.

Voting started today at 7 am as usual. DMK candidate Aniyur Siva was the first to cast his vote as polling began. Similarly, BAM candidate C. Anbumani cast his vote at the polling booth in Panaiyapuram.

Voting is going on in total 276 polling booths in Vikravandi constituency. Only 110 polling booths are equipped with web cameras and voting is being actively monitored. It has been reported that polling started late by about 30 minutes due to mechanical failure in only 5 polling booths.

As by-elections are being held in Vikravandi constituency, by-elections for assembly constituencies are being held today in 13 assembly constituencies including Vikravandi in 7 states. By-elections are held for various reasons including death of candidates, resignation of MLAs for parliamentary elections.

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