Wanting to get wings serial.. Manoj trapped by pearl..!

manoj shruthi

The desire to fly is today– for today’s Wings of Desire series (July 9) Here’s what the episode looks like.

Patti talks about her experience of passing 80 years.. Everyone hears this and appreciates that you have spoken well.. Patti says Shruti that this is like a motivational video. . Meena says send this to me.

He made Muthu understand that relationships are more important than money. Meena also said that memories are important and they have given me food as a gift and appreciate both of them. Now call Vijaya and tell Vijaya to take my bag and come like that.

They take a jewelry box from that bag.. there is a dollar in it and they are talking about it. This dollar has been with us for six generations.. Now Annamalai says mom, I know you are going to give this as a gift, should you have this..

Manoj Rohini

Or do you say that we have to give this to the next generation and say that I will give this to Muth and Meena. Ravi Shruti is the only one who is clapping her hands happily and everyone’s stomach is burning. Muthu and Meena get the grandmother’s blessing and buy the dollar.

Now the grandmother is saying that you have to do all the Sangyam in the temple of Kulatheivam once a year with this dollar. They say to do pooja to it every day and take care of it. Both of them agree and go to the room. Now, whether you look carefully at the pearl fish or do daily puja and take it to Birola, we cannot keep any jewelry in our house.

Meena says that the big thing is to save this from Manoj. Now, the next morning, grandmother left for town, on the way, grandmother asked Muthu if you and Meena had any quarrel, why you two are not on good terms. Mother told me that I can buy you a piece of jewelry, but it was not possible.

muthu (1)

I don’t care.. You buy it and give it to your son-in-law. Not only that, you also have one more duty, you have to find a good groom for Sita and get her married, Muthu says yes. Now leave the grandmother and come to Muthu’s house.

The visitor locks the door and now Rohini and Manoj have left for work. Manoj asks why do we lock the door and leave for work.. Muthu says that there is a panchayat and after solving it, anyone should go outside. Now Minava takes the jewel and says come.

They take the fish and give it to them. Show this to Annamalai and tell Muthu everything that happened in the jewelry shop. Then Annamalai and Ravi say that you can tell your mother or not. Meena, no, it’s my uncle and grandmother’s birthday, so you should celebrate properly, so don’t say that there is no problem.

Ravi shruthi

Now you are asking Annamalai Vijaya what is this. When Vijaya asked me how rude she was, how would I know if she took off her jewelry and I bought it. You are saying that you put on the covering jewelry for the wedding or something like that. The episode ended even today.

Tomorrow Sruthi will call Manoj and talk on voicemail..Sir, give me feedback about the jewelry you have bought. Let’s see what happens.

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