WhatsApp following Google? New feature coming soon!

WhatsApp following Google?  New feature coming soon!-oneindia news

WhatsApp: Like Google Meeting, WhatsApp has also introduced a facility to organize group meetings by specifying the date and time.

A group or two individuals can arrange a meeting by fixing a date and time through the popular company Google. In this Google meeting facility, users can specify the date and time of their meeting and send the invitation link. It is the other person’s choice to accept or not.

Now the popular chatting app WhatsApp has introduced a similar facility. With this feature of WhatsApp, you can create an event like a normal group. Then, specify the date and time and send the invitation link to other users.

It is users’ choice to accept or reject this welcome link. Through that WhatsApp event, you can have a group chat normally and send a voice recording. It has been advised that a video call can be arranged at a specific time and a meeting can be arranged.

This new feature is initially introduced only in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android mobile only. It has been said that after analyzing its mass defects, this event facility will be improved and introduced to be used by all users. It is also mentioned that no one other than the people in the group can use the messages and voice recordings in the group, just like WhatsApp messaging security.

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