Yellow alert for Tamil Nadu today: Chance of rain with land wind

Today in Tamil Nadu 40 km With speeding ground wind In a couple of places As there is a possibility of heavy rain with thunder and lightning, Indian Meteorological Survey Center Yellow alerthas

There is a change in speed in the western wind blowing towards Tamil Nadu. Because of this, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Today in few places in Karaikal6 First 10-Thunder in a couple of places till date, Light to moderate rain with thundershowers.

Chennai And partly cloudy sky in suburbs today. Thunderstorm in some parts of the city, Chance of light to moderate rain with lightningThaga, Chennai Meteorological Department had informed.

Last May in Tamil Nadu 30-Southwest Monsoon started on Tamil Nadu, As monsoon rains were intense in Puducherry, Last June 1 First 30-till date 109 mm It has rained.

Usually during this period 50 mm Only moderate rainfall is available. Thus last month than usual 115 Percentage more rain has been receivedTh.

At district level maximum in Tirunelveli 417 percent, In Virudhunagar 292, in Trichy 249, In Karur 246, in honey 238, In Ramanathapuram 216,in Chennai 210, Pudukottai 201 Percentage more rain has been receivedAccording to Chennai Meteorological Department.