1000 Savaran jewelry.. 3 bungalows.. Premji bought the dowry at the age of 48..!

Premji Amaran is a famous comedy actor in various movies in Tamil cinema.

Apart from being a comedy actor, he is also a great actor, music composer, song writer, singer and excels with his multifaceted talents.

Actor Premji Amaran:

Venkat Prabhu is the elder brother of Premji Amaran, the youngest son of famous music composer Gangai Amaran.

Venkat Prabhu was a film director and Premji is an actor and singer. Premji Amaran was a 47-year-old unmarried and unmarried single.

At a time when it was expected that Premji would never get married, he suddenly falls in love with a girl named “Hindu” from Salem and gets married.

The bride is a Hindu Bank officer. Wife Indu was the first to express this love.

Their friendship started through Facebook and WhatsApp. First it started as friendship and then it turned into love.

Love Blooms on Facebook:

In this case, I, wife Indu, who is talking about her love for Premji, fell in love with him for the first time.

But, seeing that he is 47 years old, I thought a little. But he didn’t look that old.

Apart from that it was very pleasant to be with him. Indu had said that she fell in love with him and married him.

premji amaran23

Their wedding took place yesterday in a very simple manner at Thiruthani Murugan temple. Only close friends and cousins ​​of Premji attended the wedding.

Their wedding reception is going to be held in a very grand manner as soon as possible. The wedding videos and photos went viral on social media.

Romance in marriage:

Premji is getting married at the age of 47 so we expected him to be very sad.

However, he was very happy to tie his wife and kiss her while tying the thali and posed for the photo.

He also smiled and posed in a comical manner which made everyone there enjoy it.

The fans who saw these activities of Premji are saying that marriage is for 90s kids and they are saying that it is very happy to see how happy this man is.

In this situation, Bailwan Ranganathan, a famous controversial journalist, who spoke in a recent interview about Premji Amaran’s marriage,

premji amaran1

Premji has sparked controversy by claiming that his marriage was performed as a Brahmin ceremony. Not only that, he is shocked about the dowry given to Premji in this marriage.

Amazing dowry:

Bailwan claims that Premji has bought 1000 Sawaran gold jewellery, 3 bungalow houses and a luxury car as dowry.

Fans are congratulating Premji, who is getting married at this age, as if he has got a beautiful bride with such a dowry.

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