22,000 people in Madurai, who set up a society and raised Tamil, don’t know A, A! Information published in the survey!

22000 people in Madurai who set up a society and

Madurai where Tamil was raised by setting up a Sangam:

The education department has decided to teach illiterates in Madurai through volunteers.

22 thousand people without knowing a, ah:

In a bid to make Madurai a 100% literate district, the education department has started a survey of illiterates from this month through non-school and adult education drives.

All the information regarding this is being uploaded on the EMIS website of the Education Department. So far, 22,766 illiterate people have been recorded in Madurai.

Steps to make the district 100% literate:

State Program Director Nagarajan Murugan has also ordered the survey to continue till June 10. It is also noteworthy that a team of education officials under the leadership of CEO Karthika is carrying out the survey of illiterates in Madurai.

1664 volunteers at work:

In this regard, CEO Karthika has said that 1664 volunteers are going to be involved in survey work and teaching work.

In particular, the 100-day work program, workers’ welfare board, and women’s self-help groups are being surveyed. The Collector has ordered that no one should be spared.

He said that those who want to get literacy education can approach the nearby government aided schools and soon steps will be taken to make Madurai a 100 percent literate district.

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