3 dead actors in Indian 2 movie by AI.. Look who they are..!

Modern technologies are being used more and more in the film industry today. After this, the films are being released in a grand manner according to the mood of the fans. In that way, we can say that AI technology is developing rapidly and is coming in Indian 2 movie.

3 dead actors

In that way, this technology called artificial intelligence is currently working in many fields, can it be used in the screen world? It has caused a surprise.

3 dead actors..

There is no need to tell you about the movie Gentleman by director Shankar who is already known as a great director. You may remember that after this, he did an Indian part very well, in which world hero Kamal Haasan Sukanya acted.

Now after a long gap the movie Indian 2 is going to hit the screens soon, in which movie director Shankar is using AI technology.

ai 2

Although the pooja for this film was done in 2017, it is going to hit the screens after a long gap, so the fans are excited about when the film will release.

After a gap of almost seven years, Shankar has spent all his talent on this film, which is a treat for the fans.

In Indian 2 by AI…

Three artists who acted in this film are no longer with us. However, while Shankar had already filmed their part, he planned to use AI technology to bring them before our eyes.

ai 3

And you can read in detail in this post about who are the three actors who will appear in Indian film 2 through AI technology.

Look who is who..

The third one is Manopala. He died in May 2023. And the second place is Malayalam actor Nedumudi Venu.

He gave his best performance in Indian 1 part. He died in October 2021. In this film, he acted through AI.


Also, the first place in this list is the comedian Vivek, who was called by the fans as the people’s artist, the young artist, and he left us in April 2021 and left us in grief again.

In this case, even though these three actors have left us, everyone is eagerly waiting to see the scenes where they could have acted in two Indian movies again through AI technology.

3 dead actors 3 dead actors 3 dead actors 3 dead actors 3 dead actors