Dalit leaders are not important in BJP – Ramesh Jigajinaki

BJP MP Ramesh Jigajinaki has given an interview saying that there is no importance for Dalit leaders in the Bharatiya Janata Party and that I, a Dalit leader who has won seven times in a row, was not given a ministerial position.

Dalit leaders are not important in BJP - Ramesh Jigajinaki

Karnataka BJP MP and Dalit leader Ramesh Jigajinaki has openly expressed his displeasure against the party. Most of the central ministers belong to upper castes. Whereas Dalits are not given importance.

Speaking to reporters, the MP from Vijayapura said that many had advised him not to join the BJP as it was ‘anti-Dalit’.

When asked if he was aspiring for a cabinet ministership, Jigajinaki said, “I don’t need to seek a union ministership.” “People’s support is essential for me. But when I came back (after the election) people abused me badly. Many Dalits have argued with me that the BJP is anti-Dalit, which I should have known before joining the party.”

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“A Dalit like me is the only person who has won seven elections in South India. All upper castes hold cabinet positions. Do Dalits not support BJP yet? This has pained me a lot,” he added.

Ramesh Jigajinaki, 72, was first elected to the Lok Sabha in 1998. Since then he has won all the elections. He was Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation in 2016 and 2019.

Several Dalit leaders urged me many times not to join this party as it is an anti-Dalit party. They continue to insist on this. I am the only Dalit MP elected from South India. I have won seven consecutive times. Let me make it clear that BJP is not in favor of Dalit people. He said it was very heartbreaking.

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