4 people died in the riots in France.. Emergency declaration.!

Chennai: 4 killed in riots in New Caledonia, France As a result, the country’s government declared a state of emergency.

Riots broke out in Paris yesterday against the newly introduced bill. While protesting against the government in riots related to electoral reforms, Three youths belonging to the Kanak tribe and a police officer were killed.

Following this, the French government issued an emergency order today in the Pacific island of New Caledonia. Accordingly, today The state of emergency, which came into effect at 5 a.m. (1800 GMT), gives authorities extra powers to prevent mass movement of people on the French-administered island.

According to the order, a state of emergency will remain in effect in New Caledonia for at least 12 days. In this case, schools are already closed and there is a curfew in the capital. Due to this, a tense situation has arisen there.

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