7 people were seriously injured in the stabbing incident

7 people who were the target of the sword incident that took place last night (31) in Wachikuda area of ​​Alaiyadivembu Divisional Secretary Division under Akkaraipattu Police Division have been admitted to Akkaraipattu Aadar Hospital with serious injuries.

Some civilians were also attacked and some items in a house were smashed and motorcycles on the road were also damaged.
People say that the damage was caused by a small group carrying swords.

Due to this, people living in Washikuda area are in great fear and they say that their safety is questionable.

A small group carrying swords chased one and the chaser took refuge in his sister’s house. Due to this, a group armed with swords entered the house and attacked the people there.

Meanwhile, the occupants of the house were attacked with swords and some of the neighbors who entered the house on hearing the noise were also attacked. At the same time, the group attacked the people on the road and also attacked the motorcycle which was going on the road.

Some of the civilians who are helpless due to the sudden attack are running and hiding to save their lives.

Eyewitnesses say that the whole area was shocked by the incident which lasted for about 30 minutes.

After this, the Akkaraipettu police who visited the place inspected the situation and started investigations.

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