Tamil Nadu government’s important decision in YouTuber Irfan’s case..! Exciting information released..!

Famous YouTuber Irfan fell in love with a girl named Aaliya and got married on May 14 last year.

Now his wife Alia is pregnant. In this case, the child in the womb of wife Alia is a boy? Is it a girl? To check, Irfan took his wife to Dubai and did a fetal test at the hospital there.

YouTuber Irrfan:

Not only did he test black. When he came to India, he published it on his YouTube site and enjoyed it.

Also, he brought his friends and YouTube celebrities to celebrate it in a big way.

It erupted into a huge controversy. The reason is that according to the law, in India, the unborn child cannot be tested for male or female. It is a punishable offence.

At a time when those who violate the law should be severely punished, Irfan celebrated it as a party and released a video that drew a lot of criticism.

Many people opposed this act of his and asked him to be punished accordingly.

Is the unborn child male or female?

After this issue came to the attention of Tamil Nadu Health Department officials and warned that Irfan’s illegal practice there is a big crime.

Also, the news that he should be jailed for 7 years and arrested soon was talked about with great excitement.

A notice has also been sent to Irfan regarding this. Also, this video should be deleted immediately.

Immediately after the removal, the health department officials asked Irfan to publicly apologize for posting this and post it as a video on his YouTube page.

irfan 2

As requested by them, Irrfan had also uploaded a video on YouTube apologizing on his social media page.

Controversy Irrfan:

However, the problem did not go away. Meanwhile, on May 21, director of medical and rural health services Ilango Maheswaran sent a notice to Irfan who checked whether the unborn child is male or female and told him to appear in person.

Then I made a huge mistake. Irfan handed over a letter of apology to the authorities asking them to forgive me.

This letter was also accepted by the authorities. In this regard, Director of Medical and Rural Health Services Ilango Maheswaran said,

This is not the case in India. Happened in Dubai. As this is completely new, we have all come together and asked the central government to give guidance as to what can be done.

irfan 3

Tamil Govt Action Decision:

Apart from that, if someone from India comes for testing to know the gender of such fetuses, they should not be tested.

Elango Maheswaran has also said that we have requested to advise other countries not to do such actions on behalf of our country.

After this, there are reports that Irfan is in great distress as the issue continues to drag on without ending.

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