What? Woman survived by Vadivelu comedy.. Police in shock..!

Vadivelu is an actor who has been seen as a popular comedy actor in Tamil films. Actor Vadivelu’s comedy scene is bound to happen to the point of saying no to movies without him.

Actor Vadivelu, whose hometown is Madurai, first made his debut in the film industry with the help of Rajkiran.

Actor Vadivelu:

It was reported that it was Rajkiran who gave him an opportunity in the film En Thangai Kalyani directed by T Rajender.

Apart from that, he has excelled in Tamil cinema in many different roles such as comedy actor, playback singer, character actor.

Especially his comedy scene has crores of fans till date. His comedic speech, realistic acting and singing language all impressed the hearts of Tamil cinema fans.

He was considered as the best comedy actor. Actor Vadivelu, who has acted in various super hit heroes like Rajinikanth, Ajith, Suriya, Vijay and Dhanush, has an identity and nickname as Vaikaipuyal.

Meanwhile, he does not act properly in committed films and does not go shooting for signed films.

Many people criticized him and gave him a red card saying that he had become too arrogant to lie after buying money.

vadivelu 2

Vadivelu played by arrogance:

So he stayed away from movies for a few years. Then again Mamannan gave a re-entry through the movie and showed his best performance and attracted the attention of the entire fans.

Not only that, the role was seen as a role of great respect for him. Currently, actor Vadivelu participated in an interview with Venkatesh Bhatt on the show Top Kuku Dupu Kuku which is being aired on Sun TV.

Vadivelu said in the interview that a woman survived after watching my comedy and it was a recognition for my performance.

Vadivelu elaborated on what had happened and said that a woman in Madurai had a fierce fight with her husband.

When the argument between the two was over, the husband saw the wife and said, “You will be dead by the time I come back” and left.

Due to this, the woman, who was very distressed, took a noose and decided to hang herself and locked the door.

Later, at that time, a comedy called “Kaiya Pudichu Jhuthiya” from the movie “Nesam Pudhusu”, which I acted in, was playing on TV.

After seeing that, the girl put the rope and sat down near the TV and was laughing.

Vadivelu’s comedy that saved the girl’s life:

Neighbors who were there saw that the woman took a rope and opened the door and informed the police, who opened the door with their help.

vadivelu 3

At that time, the woman kept the rope close to the TV without even noticing their arrival and fell down laughing.

If that comedy hadn’t run on TV that day she would have died and committed suicide and her children would have been orphans standing in the middle of the street.

If my comedy scene saved a woman’s life, that’s recognition for my performance.

Immediately all the police called me and told me what had happened. Vadivelu said in the interview that this made me very happy.

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