So much for a day! Yogi Babu showing off?

yogi babu

Yogi Babu: Yogi Babu is currently a prominent comedy actor in Tamil cinema. It is said that Yogi Babu is getting many opportunities to act in many films as Santhanam and Suri, who were mixing as comedy actors, have started acting as heroes. Currently, Yogi Babu is acting in many big films including Kot, Indian 2, No Time to Love.

Apart from this, he is continuously committed to acting in many films. Even in terms of salary, he is asking for a little increase for his next films. So far, if he has to act in a film, Yogi Babu’s salary is 10 lakhs, which means he has received a salary of 10 lakhs per day. He used to get the salary according to how many days he asked for the call sheet and acted.

However, due to the increasing number of film opportunities, he has increased his daily salary to 12 lakhs. He tells the producers who come to him that he wants such a salary. He agrees to act in the film only if it is 10 lakhs even if he talks less. Not only that, he takes money to act in one film and then gives the same call sheet to another film.

Apart from this, Yogi Babu is not dubbing for half of the films he has completed except for the films he is committed to. This information is currently being talked about as the hot topic of Kollywood.

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