TDF Vasan met Varichiyur Selvam in Madurai! A viral video on social media!

TDF Vasan met Varichiyur Selvam in Madurai A viral video

Case registered against DTF Vasan:

While a case has been registered against TDF Vasan under seven sections at Madurai Anna Nagar Police Station for violating road traffic rules, the Madurai District Court which granted bail in this case ordered him to sign at Madurai Anna Nagar Police Station for 10 days. Signed.

Meet Varichiyur Selvadha:

While children were happy to meet him near the police station and take photos and selfies, the video footage of DDF Vasan’s meeting with former rowdy Varichiyur Selvam on Sivagangai Road in Madurai has now been uploaded on social media.

Video going viral:

Especially when Varichur Selvam presents a guest, TDF Vasan, sitting on a sofa in Varisur Selvam’s house – an edible item engraved in coconut oil, completely etched in coconut oil. Having said that, what is your advice to me about what you have been through in your life? Vasan asked in the video.

Is Varusur Selvam, 70s kids supporting Vasan who is 2K kids? No, did Vasan actually go to meet him while staying in Madurai and signing every day? Although the question arises on the one hand, Vasan, who uploads on his YouTube site wherever he goes and whatever happens, his followers are waiting to see who he is going to meet and with whom he is going to upload a video within eight days.

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