The central government should withdraw the increase in customs duty in Tamil Nadu immediately – wealth!

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Tamil Nadu Congress President Selvaperunthagai has said that the central government should immediately withdraw the hike in customs duty in Tamil Nadu.

In a statement issued in this regard, he said, “Out of 1228 toll booths across the country, about 600 toll booths are collecting customs fees. With the conclusion of the parliamentary elections, the increase in customs fees has been implemented in 36 toll booths in Tamil Nadu. According to this, the toll hike has come into force after the National Highways Authority issued a circular to raise the toll by 5 to 10 percent. One-way and same-day return fares have been hiked from Rs 5 to Rs 20, while monthly pass fares have been hiked from Rs 100 to Rs 400.

BJP The toll hiked by the government and the re-introduction of tolls immediately after the election has created a lot of discontent among the motorists. Due to this, the prices of essential commodities including vegetables have increased. Due to this, ordinary poor and simple people will be severely affected. CAG in December 2023 In the report given, in the study of 7 projects of the Union Highway Department, the report published that there were irregularities of Rs 7 lakh 50 thousand crores.

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On the basis of that report, the opposition parties, including the Congress, demanded an inquiry into the highway department. But the Union BJP Govt CAG As no action has been taken regarding the alleged irregularities, I request immediate withdrawal of the increased toll fees at 36 toll booths in Tamil Nadu immediately after the elections. If it is not withdrawn, I warn that the affected people will have to fight at the respective toll booths,” he said.

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