BJP overtook AIADMK.

BJP overtook AIADMK

Chennai: As polls have revealed that the BJP has overtaken the AIADMK in the recent parliamentary elections in Tamil Nadu, the question that has arisen among all is whether this has really happened.

As the parliamentary elections are over, the results will be out tomorrow (June 4). Meanwhile, the results of this election poll were released on the 1st. In most of the polls, it has been reported that the BJP alliance will again come to power at the centre. Similarly, polls also said that DMK will win 35+ seats in Tamil Nadu. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, it is not surprising that DMK will win so many seats. But the surprise of this poll is that the BJP overtook the AIADMK, which was in the second place till now. That is, polls suggest that the BJP alliance will win 3 to 4 seats, while the AIADMK will get only 1 to 2 seats.

Many people are surprised that the BJP, which had formed an alliance with the DMK and the AIADMK for so many days in Tamil Nadu, has now established a foothold with the smaller parties. But let’s discuss here whether BJP has really gained a foothold in Tamil Nadu. In other words, while the opinion polls say that the BJP has overtaken the AIADMK, the truth is revealed when we analyze which constituencies the BJP can win.

In other words, if we look at the constituencies where the BJP stands alone, there is a chance that the party’s state president Annamalai will win in Coimbatore. However, this is not certain. It’s just a chance. Otherwise, the chances of other BJP candidates winning are very slim.

At the same time, John Pandian, who has formed an alliance with the party in South Kashmir, is likely to win. Apart from him, Sowmiya Anbumani of Bamagawa, who is standing in Dharmapuri in the BJP alliance, has a chance to win. Also, DTV Dhinakaran, who is stationed in Theni, will also have a chance to win. Therefore, political experts have said that this poll has been published only on the basis of BJP alliance candidates winning.

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