Accident in Chengalpattu- 4 people including a doctor died

Madhuranthakam near Chengalpattu, Trichy -Chennai A terrible accident took place on the National Highway this morning.

A lorry carrying granite stones from Villupuram to Chennai Poontamalli broke down on the Trichy-Chennai National Highway. At that time, a private omni bus was coming from Trichy towards Chennai.

The speeding omni bus broke down and rammed into the parked lorry in the blink of an eye.

The front of the omni bus was crushed. Omni bus was traveling in this tragic accident 4 People died on the spot. Meanwhile, A government express bus coming from Musiri to Chennai collided with the omni bus which was involved in the accident.

In these accidents 20 More passengers were injured.

The police came quickly after getting information about the accident, The passengers involved in the accident were rescued and admitted to Chengalpattu Government Hospital. The dead bodies have been sent for post-mortem.


The accident caused a traffic jam on the Trichy-Chennai National Highway. Almost 3 After an hour, the vehicles involved in the accident were removed.

A series of vehicle collisions on the Trichy-Chennai National Highway has left passengers in shock.

In this terrible accident, It is noteworthy that four people including Trichy Apollo Hospital doctor Rajesh died on the spot.

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