Actor Karan’s movie career ended because of an aunt.. The famous actor broke the secret..!

Actor Karan, who is an actor in the South Indian film world, started his acting career from a young age. He has starred in more than two Malayalam films under the name Master Raghu.

After this, he played a negative role in Kamal Haasan’s movie Nammavar in the Tamil film world and won the hearts of the fans.

Actor Karan..

Actor Karan won the Best Child Star Award in 1974. After this, he got the award again in 1975 for acting in the film Ayyappan.

He started acting as a hero in the Tamil film world with the film Kokki, and showed his amazing acting skills in films like Karpusamy Kudhakaigarkar, Kathavarayan.

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Also, he has gained a lot of fans by showing his amazing performance in films like Coimbatore Mappillai, Gokulathil Sita, Kadhal Kotdi, Love Today, Kaalmellam Kaadhal Hajwe, Neruku Ner, Raman Abdullah, Kaalmellam Kathiriupen.

Aunty’s ruined movie life..

He has acted in a large number of films after acting in Thambi Vetothi Sundaram in 2011 and has not appeared in many films. Athlete Ranganathar has now spoken in detail about the reason for this.

In this case, actor Karan’s film career has been ruined because of his relationship with a 42-year-old man of worth.

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Also, actor Karan has surprised by saying that the movie opportunities that have come to him have decreased due to the fact that Andy has been taking care of all his film work.

The famous actor who broke the secret..

In this case, this matter has now become a talking point among the actors and apart from affecting actor Karan’s career, the fans are talking about the fact that 42-year-old Andy is the reason for the derailment of his film career.

Karan 44

While the truth about this is not known, this matter is spreading like wildfire on the internet and there are talks that actor Kiran’s film career has been ruined by an Andy.

Now he is settled in America. Also, the fact that Aunty lost the market because she could not recover from the control spread like wildfire.

All the fans who heard about this matter are sharing this matter with their friends.

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